Kieran McKeown is a social and economic research consultant providing services in the areas of evaluation, research, audit, facilitation and advice. Over a 30-year period, his services have been commissioned by numerous Government Departments, State agencies, non-governmental organisations, regional bodies and local authorities, and the EU Commission.

Key themes of his work, which cover the life-cycle from early years to end of life, include well-being and mental health, family services, children and families, early years, fathers, couple relationships, older people, drug addiction, and local development. His work involves basic and applied research as well as evaluations of programmes and services.

Kieran McKeown has an extensive output of reports, books, peer-reviewed articles and conference presentations. Much of this work is published in hard-copy and electronic-format and is available on this website.

Previously, he worked as a lecturer at University College Dublin, a visiting professor at Stonehill College Massachusetts USA, and a senior researcher at the University of Limerick.

Kieran McKeown has collaborated with Trutz Haase and Jonathan Pratschke on numerous research projects. This professional association spans more than two decades and constitutes a research team of outstanding experience and expertise.